I’ve never been poetic … I leave that up to the hubster. He used to write me poetry all the time … perhaps when he “retires” next year he’ll have more time to do that again! LOL

There have been a few occasions when I have written my thoughts in prose … I’m not all that good at it. But I must have been “down” one day back in 2003 because the following came to me … and it even rhymes!!!!

One Small Person

I’m just one small person
Among more than 6 billion
You have me up on this high pedestal
But I certainly don’t deserve your adoration.

Inadequate … as a friend
Not always around in the time of need
At times my own needs take over my life
Please forgive me, this I plead.

Inadequate … as a daughter
I know I’ve not always made you proud
I feel the disappointment in your face
As you sit up there on your cloud.

Inadequate … as a sister
In my own world and out of touch
I think of you all daily, but don’t let you know
Even though I miss you so much.

Inadequate … as a mom
Though unintentionally I expected too much
Of this I am wrong
Through life I never wanted you to rush.

Inadequate … as a wife
You don’t get near enough hugs
I want our house to be a home
But I hate the sweeping of rugs.

Inadequate … as a child of God
Not kneeling enough in prayer
Forgive me, dear Lord
For all these people I truly do care.

I’m just one small person … one day I won’t be
I’m working on it
And progress I’ll make
This promise to you all I commit.

(c) Lisa Cudd