The following came to my mind as I was sitting in Mass one Sunday 11 years ago…so where it says “28 years ago,” it’s actually been 39 years!

It’s hard enough to believe that Jeremy is 32, but the possibility that I could have a son who would be 39 is unbeliebable!!!!!

December … 28 years ago …
Should have been a happy time.
Instead of being born, he was given to God
This angel of mine.

 Conceived on one side
Out of escape and frustration.
Conceived on the other
Out of control and possession.

 His name was to be Kevin
My first angel of many to come.
I think of him often, an angel above
Waiting for me with a smile and a welcome.

 December … today …
A much happier time.
Given to me by God
Through this family of mine.

 Married to my best friend
Mom to a young man.
So content with my life
This was God’s plan.

 Bruce and Jeremy
The loves of my life.
Make me the world’s
Happiest mother and wife.

© Lisa Cudd, 12/15/2003