Here are 10 projects I’ve started but didn’t finish before moving on to the next thing I got excited about:

  1. DIY headboard: at least it’s now put together, but needs to be painted
  2. Jewelry: making a bracelet for a friend and repairing another
  3. Crocheted afghan: started this years ago, but arthritis in my hands and fingers caused a lot of starts and stops
  4. Several counted cross stitch projects: I used to do this pretty much non-stop, but haven’t touched them in years
  5. Reprinting my childhood bedroom furniture and repairing some of the dresser drawers: I have the paint … That’s about it
  6. Building shelves and organizing the bathroom closet: I have some of the supplies
  7. Digitizing old photos: I bought a converter in December … It’s not been taken out of the box
  8. Artwork for our bedroom: have the supplies and the artwork is drawn, just need to add the mixed media and frame them
  9. Scanning paperwork in the home office: probably one of the more frustrating projects; the hubster gave me an awesome Neat scanner 3 Christmases ago!
  10. Repainting the dining room table and chairs: painted about a year ago … But needs to be redone because I really just went at it without researching how to do it properly … And the table legs aren’t even completely painted!

So why can’t I get these projects done? I’m not lazy. I’m just tired. I do work a lot of hours and when I’m home I often times just crash after getting the bare minimal done.

I get excited about something I see or read about. I gather and buy supplies right away, even if I know I’m not going to get right to it. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I think that if I invest in the supplies I’ll be sure to get it done … and quickly. That’s obviously not always true.

It stresses me out to even think about it.

And since 2015 is about me de-stressing and de-cluttering … here’s my plan!

  • Determine which of the above projects I can let go and remove from the list. Is it worth my time?
    For instance, I’m never going to finish that afghan with the arthritis in my hands and fingers, so why stress about it? Why look at it sitting in the yarn basket? Let. It. Go. Those incomplete counted cross stitch projects? I’d really love to get back to those, but then there’s that damn arthritis again. I put a lot of work into those items. Just give it up? For now I’ll just put them in a storage box and put them out of sight. When it’s time to pack up the house to move south, I’ll revisit them. (Hmmm…cop out, I know!)
  • Prioritize what’s left on the list.
    Do I want to complete difficult projects first or quicker/easier ones?
    Is there something I want done within a certain time frame?
    I think I’ll do a combination of both easier/needing by a certain time.
  • Set deadlines.
    I host card club at our home on April 9th. Therefore I really want the table and those chairs painted by then. Yes, card club has seen the current condition … but it’s a good deadline to set and will make one project get off that list. I’m going to set two deadlines: 1) remove the horrible paint job, put on the bonding primer, and paint by the end of the day this coming Sunday, and 2) apply the poly on the table top by the following weekend. That will give it a week to cure.
  • Conquer … One. Job. At. A. Time!
  • Post about each one as they are completed.
    Hold me accountable, people! LOL

So here’s my prioritized list:

  1. Head board – there isn’t a specific time frame this is needed, but I just really want to get it out of my dining room. Therefore – deadline March 29th.
  2. Dining table/chairs – deadline April 5th in order to be ready/cured by card club.
  3. Jewelry – I can honestly say that I fixed the one bracelet and gave it back to my friend yesterday. Just thinking about this post gave me the gumption to get that easy-peasy project off the list! Making the other bracelet has to be done before card club on April 9th. Well, it doesn’t have to be done by then, but I think 6 months is long enough for LT to wait for it.
  4. Artwork for the bedroom – I’m actually doing three of these (two for the bedroom and one for a friend). I need to have the one completed by the time I leave for Florida for a mini-vacation, but it will be just as easy to do all three at once – deadline April 19th.
  5. Childhood guest room bedroom furniture – I would like to have this done before my sister comes to visit at the end of June. Deadline – June 14th.
  6. Bathroom closet – also want to have this done before my sister visits in July. Deadline – June 21st.
  7. Digitized photos – Not sure the deadline on this … not a huge priority right now.
  8. Scanned documents – Same as #7. Once I can get through #6, then I can set a time frame on that.
  9. Counted cross-stitch (several) – Stored away for possible retirement projects :0)
  10. Afghan – Off. The. List.

Can I do it?

Yes I Can!

Yes I Can!

Keep your fingers crossed!