I refer to my “hubster” a lot – especially when talking about blessings in my life. I thought perhaps you’d like to know how this good soul came into my life.

 It all started – and almost ended – on a Friday night in September 1977. O – M – G!

That is SO long ago!! We were together for 2 years after that before walking down the aisle and we’ve been married for 35 years.

 Lias&Bruce 03-2015

But that is the END of this post – I get ahead of myself.

Rewind . . .

It was the one and only blind date of my life. My roommate and the hubster’s co-worker (they were a couple at the time) were the culprits.

 I was in the process of ending a 3-year relationship/marriage and putting that nightmare behind me.

I had no business going on a date. I was not in a good place emotionally. I needed to find myself, not risk my heart.

But for whatever reason I let her wear me down.

 So off we go to a pub to dance. I don’t think we uttered more than a “hi” the entire 20-minute drive.

I thought he was boring.

I didn’t think he was cute. (Let me say … he’s aged VERY well )

I didn’t know that he didn’t know my divorce wasn’t final yet. When THAT came out in conversation, the look on his face was priceless!

I thought – Oh well, this is going nowhere. Oh well!

 We danced a few dances.

 Was this night EVER going to end?

 What do you mean; we’re going to stop for pizza before going home? OMG

I ate a few bites. He ate 1 slice. (We both can eat MORE pizza than that!)

Finally! We say goodnight.

 The door closes and I look at my roommate. Don’t you EVER do that to me again!

Worst. Date. Ever!


I was content to just go to work, to pay my bills, to get out of the distressing marriage, and to be alone for a while.

 He had a different plan.

 A few days later I’m having a nice quiet evening alone. The roommate was working. I had NO plans.

 There’s a knock at the door. Geeze! It’s HIM!

 I stand with the door partially open.

 Yes, I was rude. I didn’t let him in.

 He’s asking for a date the next weekend? Seriously? Was this the same guy from the other night?

Nope, I didn’t want to. If we couldn’t talk with two other people at the table, what would it be like with just the two of us?

 Puppy dog eyes.

 That’s not fair play!

Hesitation. Silence.

 Oh. Okay.

 Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Oh. Okay. (Add a resigned sigh as you repeat that.)

 Those damn puppy dog eyes!

The roommate was definitely more excited about this news than I was.

 Four days to think about it – to beat myself up for agreeing to something I really didn’t want to do.

What the hell! Wasn’t I ever going to learn to stand up for myself?


The Pity Date

Yes, that’s what we jokingly still call the second date. I gave him the pity date.

How could I say no to those damn puppy dog eyes? LOL

We ended up at the same pub. We even sat at the same wobbly table. (What we would refer to later as OUR wobbly table!)

We danced.

We talked. (Well, we HAD to talk – we were a group of two!)

We danced.

We learned about each other. We shared our stories.

We danced some more.

And then he did it!

He sang into my ear on the dance floor with me in his arms.

He sang to ME.

No one had ever sung to ME.

You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone.

We’ve Only just Begun by the Carpenters.

What a voice!

I melted.

Best. Date. Ever.


Every Day After

We literally spent every day together after that.

He was my strength through the final stages of the divorce that finally came through 1½ months later.

He was my strength and my protector when I was afraid.

He was my best friend. And still is!


If nothing ever came out of that second date, at least I wasn’t alone during those months ahead – both literally and figuratively.

This had to be too good to be true, right?

These two men were like night and day. The devil and an angel. But that’s for another post. Maybe someday I’ll write about that. Maybe. 

Move forward five months.

Valentine’s Day 1978. Top of the hill at Lincoln Park. Bitter cold. Tons of kids sledding.

Down on one knee … and the rest is history.


What a difference puppy dog eyes and a second “pity” date can make.

Lost soul – to Blessed soul.

68746_1677919267386_4551280_n (1)


That’s my gorgeous son … someday I’ll tell you about our journey of fertility treatments
and how we finally were blessed to have him in our life!

Girls … he’s single!