Smiling is contagious.

It takes fewer muscles and energy to smile than it does to frown.

It makes other people happy.

I smile a lot. I have a lot of reasons to make me smile. Here are just ten … in no particular order!

  1. Daily morning text from the hubster telling me he loves me.
  2. Hearing my son say “I love you momma” even in his 30s.
  3. Watching the hubster on stage.
  4. Knowing I’ve got a lunch or dinner scheduled with a girlfriend.
  5. Having my kitty snuggle up next to me on the sofa.
  6. Hubster … just the thought of him
  7. Jeremy … just the thought of him, too
  8. Lighthouses
  9. Bluebirds
  10. Covered bridges

What makes YOU smile?