The title of this blog says it all. Blessings. My life is full of them.

February 28 and March 1 – when how truly blessed I am was validated.

My hubster has been involved with our local theater ( since the late 90s. If you haven’t heard him sing in church, you’ve only heard him on the stage in character voice from all the different shows he’s been part of, from the Cowardly Lion to Daddy Warbucks.

This week our community had the wonderful privilege of getting to know the real guy, along with 9 other members of his theater family. Each of them wrote, produced and performed their “story” of how they came to be part of the Palace family.

To say that the hubster “got me good” is an understatement. The whole concept of his story was how he was “tricked” and “coerced” into participating in theater.

Here he was … giving ME all the credit for being who he is on the stage. Telling the world how much he loves me. Praising ME. This was supposed to be about HIM.

I personally take very little credit for myself. It’s his wonderful personality and beautiful voice that has made him the local “star” that he is. Yes, I tricked him by getting him to help with the construction of a production set all those years ago. Yes, I told the director that he had a great voice and should be in the show itself. Yes, I told our choir director at church that he needed to be in the choir. But without being HIM, none of that would have happened.

I am so happy that his mom got to see him on stage before we lost her, and I wish his dad had that opportunity. But I know they are watching, smiling, and clapping – as proud of him as Jeremy and I are.

If you know us as a couple, you know that we are soul mates. We were placed on this earth to be in each other’s life. We were meant to be!

Photos of his various character roles were projected on the screen (“cyclorama, as we learned this weekend! LOL) throughout the show.

And then there it was – this photo – my favorite photo of the two of us up on that huge screen.

68746_1677919267386_4551280_n (1)

And what does he do next? He dedicates to me and sings Elvis’s “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”

Throughout the entire song he was looking directly at me – singing it to me and only me. It was as if there wasn’t another soul in the theater.

And, yes … I cried (at both performances!)

Here’s a photo of us after the Sunday performance.

Lias&Bruce 03-2015

I AM blessed!