Blog JarHere’s  my “blog jar.” Quite colorful, isn’t it?

When I decided to get back to blogging, I started a list. I had tons of ideas rolling around in my head. And if those weren’t enough, I searched the web for blog prompts. I’ve also put a request out to my peeps for things they’d like me to talk about, but no one seems to want to step forward … that might be a good thing or perhaps no one gives a hoot about what I write :0)

I took all the ideas I came up with and wrote them on colorful strips of paper. I think they look sort of yummy in the jar.  Sort of like confections!

When I’m drawing a blank as to what to talk about, I just pull out a slip and start writing. I won’t deny that sometimes it might be the third slip of paper before I actually put pen to paper!

So that’s my process … really complicated, huh?! Do you have any particular process to come up with ideas when you’re drawing a blank?