I’m a big … no huge … Grey’s Anatomy fan. One of the more memorable episodes was when Meredith and Cristina decided they were each other’s “person.”

The highest level of friendship.

There are lots of qualities/actions that go into be someone’s person.

No matter how busy we are living our day to day lives, we will make time to check in with each other.

We listen to each other complain about life in general.

We always have each other’s back.

We listen to each other about every crazy thing going on in our life or crazy idea we come up with.

We tell each other what needs to be heard … not just what we want to hear.

We can spend time with each other and not say a word.

We share secrets because we know it won’t go anywhere.

If we just need a hug or a neck rub, we’re there.

We consider each other a sister … even if we’re not.

We would do anything possible for each other.

We know we will always “be there” … forever!

I have a handful of very close … VERY close … friends. Yup … just a handful. I have TONS of great and awesome women in my life. Some could very well be a “person” if we were physically closer … you know who you are <3! But there is someone very close to me, both geographically and in my heart.

Here’s an example of why Dena is my person.

We recently made a very long, but quick trip out of state for a family funeral. We came home after a day of driving in cold, crappy weather to a ready-made dinner. Breakfast for the next day was in the fridge. The kitchen had been mopped. The dish washer was unloaded and reloaded. The counters were straightened up. There was a candle wax warmer sitting on the counter making the house smell delicious! And she even brought her own cleaning supplies and mop! She came over each day we were gone and fed the furkids (and even played with them).

Did she have to do any of that? No.

Did I expect her to do any of that? No (Well … I did ask her to feed the furkids!)

Then one night this week we went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday. We had had to postpone because of the craziness in my life last week.

We laughed.

We got serious.

We planned.

We vented.

We commiserated.

We shared a secret.

She’s just my person. That’s what our person does … expecting nothing in return.

Who’s your person? Why?