Happy Valentine’s Day from cold Upstate NY … way colder than even Ohio!

Here’s a picture of my Valentine’s Day mantel back home. 

Valentines Mantel 2015

I like to switch it out for different holidays/seasons.

Sorry for the quality of the picture…not my best work!

The lantern is from Hobby Lobby. I downloaded the printable from LiveLaughRowe. The sweet flowers, wood heart and sparkly pink hearts are from Michaels Crafts. The garland is something I’ve had forever and incorporate into most of my mantel décor. The candles were a birthday gift from one of my friends. The white bird cage was a Christmas gift from another friend, and the blue bird cage is from Hobby Lobby.

The hubster and I started dating in September 1977. I’ll have to write a post about our first two dates some day. That seems pretty entertaining to most people who know about it. Let’s just say, we’re both lucky I gave him that second date! HAH

We’ve not spent a Valentines Day apart in all these years. We don’t always celebrate it on THAT day, but at least we’re together THAT day. That almost didn’t happen this year. I had a family funeral to attend TODAY in upstate NY so had to leave Ohio on Thursday.

I’ve made that long, long, long drive by myself a bazillion times, so I wasn’t too stressed about it … until I realized that not only would we not be able to attend a Carpenters tribute show this evening (that meaning will go into the other post about our first two dates…and how I fell in love with the hubster!), but that we wouldn’t be doing ANYTHING together that day.

Then I got a text from him Wednesday morning saying that he arranged time off from work so he could go with me. The weather hasn’t been too great in the North Country lately and he didn’t want me driving all that way in the event the weather would turn bad again.

I think he just didn’t want me to get stranded and have to stay longer … I could be wrong :0)

But anyway, we will get to be together today and that’s all that counts. Even if we spend part of it at a funeral.

Our son always reminds us that Valentine’s Day is just another day to make Hallmark some more money. Maybe someday he will have a special someone who will change his mind on that.

Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with someone you love.