I’m trying to create and schedule some posts over the next several days as I will be out of state attending a family funeral. If I don’t get one up for each day I’ll be gone, no worries … I’ll be back on Monday!

Remember, we all have things to be thankful for. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves!

It’s never a happy time to attend a funeral, but even in that I can be thankful. I will have the chance to spend time with 2 of my sisters and an endless number of cousins that I rarely get to visit with.

And I’m thankful that the hubster was able to schedule a couple days off work to go with me. It’s a LONG drive and I would have gone by myself. But the weather in the northeast isn’t the greatest at this time of year, so it will be nice to have him with me.

AND we’ll still be able to spend Valentine’s Day together. I wasn’t looking forward to not being with him … we’ve spent that day with each other since 1978! It would have been sad to break THAT record :0)

Not only look for those snippets of things to be grateful for … let people KNOW you’re thankful to have them in your life!

What is the biggest thing that you’re thankful for?