Well, they say you have to play to win … so I guess I should go out and play! As of today, the Power Ball is up to $450 million … that’s a lot of zeros! So in this fantasy world I sometimes live in, this is what I’d do with all that dough, not in any particular order.

  1. Pay off all debt
  2. Pay off Jeremy’s debt / student loans
  3. Remodel the house and landscape … so it looks good to sell, of course 🙂
  4. A new house for each of my sisters/brother and sisters-in-law/brothers-in law and $1 million each (that should take care of any of their children as well and then our banking doors would be closed)
  5. A condo on a golf course near a beach … to make BOTH of us happy 🙂 (And one for Jeremy to live next door so he can golf with his dad every day!)
  6. New cars for the 3 of us (Jeremy would finally get that teal-colored 1994 Mustang that he’s always talking about)
  7. Travel, starting with Italy and Australia
  8. Donate:
    1. 100 Women Who Care Marion, Ohio would never have to worry about making that $10,000 quarterly donation
    2. Habitat for Humanity would be assured of at least 1 house each year (did you know it only costs $10,000 to build a HFH house in Marion, Ohio?)
    3. Monica Douglas Foundation here at the hospital
    4. Pay off Capital Campaign at the Marion Palace Theatre so we can see that beautiful tall sign again
    5. Humane Society
  9. Bruce would finally record that Christmas CD
  10. Trust fund for any future grandchildren (we can hope!)

And since all that would still just be a drop in the bucket, I would hire the best financial adviser that I trust (I know a couple women who would fit that bill!), not publish my new golf/beach address, get new phone numbers, and just relax in the quiet bliss for a year or so! Well …

I guess my first step will be to go buy that ticket … and then call into work when we hear our winning numbers!

Have a happy fantasy world day! What would YOU do with all that money?