This is sort of a “canned” post that I often see. Perhaps it will make you see me in a different light … good or bad? LOL I’m going to try to list things that most people don’t know about me…

  1. I’ve lived in 4 states: New York until I was 17; then Vermont for a year; then Illinois for a year; and Ohio since 1979. I guess that makes me far more of a Buckeye than a Yankee! (And if you really want to do the math, I’ll do it for you … I’m 58! LOL)
  2. I’m an abuse survivor.
  3. I love historical romances set in England or Scotland. Don’t be judgmental … they always end up with the sexy hero winning over the beautiful heroine … or vice versa. You know that from the first chapter, but that’s okay because sometimes we just need to get lost in the expected.
  4. I got my first tattoo when I was 56 years old. Nope, it’s not a “tramp stamp” … it’s a cute little bluebird on my ankle.
  5. There’s nothing better than a fresh coloring book and a new box of crayons! I love to color! Always have, always will. My favorite was created by Karla Dornacher. Shout out to Karla-whimsy :0)
  6. I really want to be a grandma. Wait…anyone who knows me, knows that!
  7. Countries outside of the U.S. that I’ve visited are: Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  8. I would give up a decade of my life to have my Momma back for one day.
  9. There are two men who have my heart: my hubby and my son. Wait again…anyone who knows me, knows that too!
  10. Even though I work long hours and sometimes complain, I really love my job.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? Inquiring minds want to know!