One of Miriam-Webster’s definitions of passion is “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.”

We are all passionate about different things (or people!). I don’t know about you, but my passions often change as my life experiences change. But I can guarantee you one thing … if I am passionate about something, it’s 100+% passion. If I believe in something, I’ll give it my all, and then some.

My current passion – one of them, anyway – is 100 Women Who Care Marion, Ohio. Let me tell you how I heard about this organization and my journey so far. The idea of 100 Women Who Care started with Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan in 2006. Her group of 100 women raised $10,000 at their first 1-hour meeting in order to purchase new cribs for an organization in their city. Their membership has grown to nearly 300 women. The idea took off and there are now chapters all across the country. Karen passed away in 2014, but I can only image her looking down at all the awesomeness that she instigated only 8 years ago.

Last February (2014) I was listening to 10TV News and they shared a story about this group of 100+ women in Columbus, Ohio. They raised $10,000 in one hour and were able to donate the money to help local children. I don’t recall what organization received those funds, but I CAN tell you that the story grabbed hold of my heart and it didn’t let go. My first reaction was, “Oh my God! I want to join them!” I instantly went on Facebook and shared about the story. Almost immediately my thoughts turned to, “Why do I want to go to Columbus when we could do that right here in Marion?” Then my friend Doris replied, “We could do that right here in Marion!” Within minutes Doris and I were committed to starting a group here in Marion.

I obsessed about it for days and weeks. Together with Doris and our friends Dena and Angie, we were able to hold our first meeting 3 months later in May 2014. We started with 14 charter members and donated $1,325 to the Spirit of Hope Fund. In August we grew a little and donated $1,800 to Marion Matters, Inc. and then again in November we grew some more and donated $2,200 to the local historical Marion Palace Theatre. This past Tuesday, we grew by 16 members (4 individual members and 4 teams). It was an exciting night and we are able to give $3,200 to the Prairie Parks Foundation for the Marion Tallgrass Trail. With matching local and government grants, that total becomes $25, 600! OUR GROUP DID THAT!

To find out about how 100 Women Who Care Marion, Ohio works, go to . We also have a Facebook page – just be sure to include “Marion Ohio” when you search for us.

As a side note, if you aren’t financially able to donate $100 quarterly, you can be part of a team and donate the $100 together. We have teams of 2, 4, 5 and 6 people. If you’re part of a team of 10, that would only be $10 each quarter.

And don’t forget that we would love to answer any questions you might have and to have you attend one of our meetings even if it’s just to see what we are all about. The generosity and comradery will astound you, I’m sure! I look forward to the day when our numbers have grown that we too can donate $10,000 FOUR TIMES A YEAR to a local organization in need. Just think … if Habitat for Humanity was chosen, we would be able to say that our group of women built a home for someone in our own community. Wow! Impactful! See why I’m passionate about it?

But I’d love to know … what is YOUR passion?