We all have them … those little (sometimes huge) things that just send us over the edge. These, as most everything in our daily lives, change depending on the circumstances of the moment we’re in. Here are ten of mine … in no particular order.

  1. People who ruin a movie experience … the talkers, the texters, the kids behind you that keep kicking your seat
  2. People who pass you on a 2-lane highway, but then don’t go fast enough the get back over to the left lane and you end up having to slow down
  3. People who leave just a couple (or no!) ice cubes in the tray
  4. Poor grammar in general … especially misuse of their/there/they’re and your/you’re
  5. Bullies, both kids and adults … wait, that’s not just a pet peeve … it’s a HATE!
  6. People who talk on their phones in a restaurant … loudly!
  7. Using a public restroom and someone leaves without washing their hands … I just want to scream after them, “Get back in here and wash your hands!”
  8. Those who DO “wash” their hands, but it consists of only passing their hands under the water momentarily
  9. People who use all CAPS in email or on Facebook
  10. People who say “aks” instead of “ask”

What are your pet peeves?