I like to blog. I like to read blogs. But I’m not good at it. I’m not consistent. I can go months without blogging. I think of things to blog about at random times, but don’t write the ideas down, so I forget. That doesn’t make for good readership … but I WANT to blog!

But readership isn’t really why I want to blog. I just want things written down before I can’t even remember what my name is, let alone what makes me tick. When I’ve left this earth years from now I’d like someone to be able to read my thoughts and know who I was and what I was all about.

So here’s the plan. Starting in 2015 I’m going to make an effort to blog, and then I’m going to bind each year’s worth into a book, journal or whatever. This “refreshed” blog is going to be random … it’s not just about DIY projects, not just about my day’s events, not just about how I feel about certain things or events … it’s going to be about whatever comes to mind.

I won’t deny that I’ve searched the web for blog challenges for ideas. (In fact, I’ll post a special entry on how I decide what I’m going to ramble on about.) I’m also not going commit to any specific number of posts in an specific time frame … that will just set me up for failure.

So get ready for posts about Lisa, about people, places and this in my life.

I encourage your help. Ask me anything and I will come up with an answer in the form of a post … but be nice and respectful :0)