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Migraines showed up in my life about 32 years ago shortly after Jeremy was born. Just about anything could set them off … food, stress, smells, allergies … so we were never able to pinpoint any one thing. This was prior to the miracle medications that could zap a migraine quickly. I would either end up in my doctor’s office for a shot that would literally knock me out before we could make the 5-minute drive home, or I would be in the ER getting an IV and a shot. I would end up in bed for 24 hours. I could walk out of my office at the end of the day feeling perfectly fine, but by the time I got to my car I would be vomiting, and then stopping 3-4 times to do so again before I made it home to fly upstairs to the bathroom. Not an easy thing to time when you drive a very busy street to get home! Jeremy remembers being told often when he got home from school by his dad that he had to be quiet because mom was in bed with a headache. How awful for a little boy who loved his music!

Over the years I have taken Imitrex and Maxalt. Imitrex quit being as effective so we made the switch to Maxalt which worked like a dream. I would take the kind that melts on your tongue and the migraine would be gone within minutes. But then our insurance changed and it became cost-prohibitive because there wasn’t a generic version. So I switched back to Imitrex.

Due to other medications and the ugly M word (menopause), my migraines have pretty much been eliminated. And typically if I feel a headache coming on I can take a pill and knock it out before it hits. But occasionally, like at 2 a.m. last night, one will come on and knock me for a loop. I took an Imitrex at 2 a.m. and then again at 4 a.m. It’s no longer debilitating, but it’s not gone by any means. But … I plug along!

I HAVE discovered that Maxalt now makes a generic!!! Whoooppp! So I texted my doc (benefit of working in the medical staff office at a hospital! LOL) and asked him if he would call in a new prescription for me. Let’s hope I can last until lunch time to pick it up. If not, I might have to make a quick run. It will be really hard to be productive this morning, but that’s what we do … plugging along!

So … the point of this post after all that … I’ve read so many things about non-medicinal treatments for migraines. Do you have any great and PROVEN remedies that WORK? If so, comment here and let me know. I’m all for holistic treatment, but would like to try something that’s proven to work for others first.

Let’s hope you all have a headache and pain-free beautiful day!

Love and hugs to everyone …



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