First I want to say that yes, we accepted the challenge … but we also made donations … mine went to the ALS Association and Bruce’s went to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute. All the dumping of ice water on heads isn’t what’s going to find a cause and a cure for this horrible disease. Donations will, though.

I pulled a few facts about the disease from the ALS Association website as to what their research has discovered so far:

In just one month of ice bucket challenges, they have raise over $9.4 million!

In answer to those who believe only a small portion of our donations goes to actual research, it took less than 5 minutes of research to find out that almost 75% of our donations to the ALS Association and over 50% to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute actually goes to researching the disease.

I know there is also religious controversy about the ALS Association’s use of stem cell research. In fact, the ALS Association primarily funds ADULT stem cell research. They do fund ONE study using embryonic stem cells. This does not mean that the organization encourages abortions. People who get abortions are not doing it for a good cause. They don’t think “Oh I’m going to get an abortion so research can be done to find a cure for a disease.” They get an abortion because they don’t want that baby. So regardless, the abortion is going to happen. Sad! I know! I don’t believe in abortion! But if a baby is aborted, why not use that baby for a GOOD cause to further help those who are living, but suffering? And in fact, you as a donor can stipulate that your funds are NOT invested in that study or any stem cell project, for that matter.

Of course, I found out all this information AFTER I made my donation. There is another organization who does ALS research without the use of stem cell research … The John Paul II Medical Research Institute. This organization was founded in 2008 by Dr. Alan Moy, an Iowa City pulmonologist, and has gotten “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in donations from people who want to support research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), but don’t want the research done with human embryos, said CEO Jay Kamath. You can find out more about the John Paul II Medical Research institute here.

I will not be accepting comments to this post that are controversial in nature. I’m not here to argue religion and ethics and those posts will be deleted. 

And I’m a firm believer in having fun … and if the world can have fun while raising awareness for a great cause, here are our videos. Enjoy!

Lisa’s ALS Bucket Challenge

Bruce’s ALS Bucket Challenge