This week was Administrative Professionals Week (formerly Secretaries Week). I’ve been an admin for over 30 years. It’s something I wanted to do even as a little girl. My momma was a secretary for the immigration department until she married my daddy when he returned home from World War II.


Momma on her wedding day

Since she died when I was five years old, I had this image of this beautiful perfect auburn-haired woman who was the person I wanted to be when I grew up. So I studied hard in high school and received the award for being the top business student in my class. I practiced shorthand while watching the evening news. My plan was to work for the government just like momma did. I remember Mrs. Gardephe, my all-time favorite business teacher, telling me she wanted to see me be the assistant to the President of the United States one day. 🙂 She was a pretty awesome lady too. I stayed in contact with her long after graduation and would visit her when I went home each year until she passed away.

But dreams change … or at least take a detour … sometimes. I met the spawn of the devil and married him (that’s a blog for another day!), moved far away, worked in nursing homes, and started nursing school … all for the dreams of another … not what was in my heart.

They say all things happen for a reason. So perhaps it took those 2 years of pure hell to make it to Ohio, and to wake up one morning realizing I had choices (back to that blog for another day!).

With the help of my current husband, then fiancé, I decided to go back to my original dream and study for a job that I knew I loved and really wanted. So I switched my degree to Office Administration with a concentration in the medical field. I thought I wanted to work in a doctor’s office. I graduated 2 days before my son Jeremy was born. As I walked across the stage with horribly swollen feet and looking like a blimp in my cap and gown, the dean chuckled and said, “This doesn’t mean you get two diplomas!” I put a smile on my face and thought, “Really? You’d say that to an obviously miserable and swollen pregnant woman and think you can live to give out the next diploma???” LOL

But I once again digress … and take another slight detour! I worked in the manufacturing world for ten years, before going to work in our local hospital and actually using that medical concentration! But there I’ve been in the same position working for the chief nursing officer for the past 21+ years.

I love being a “secretary” even though that title has changed frequently over the years. I’m a true “geek” and Bruce and Jeremy know they can make me happy at Christmas with any techy gift. I love PowerPoint, I love Excel, I love learning new software programs, I love my iPad, and I love office supplies. 🙂 And I keep momma’s high school shorthand books on a shelf right near my computer at home.

My plan is to leave the traditional office scene in a few years to become a virtual assistant. I can be working for someone on the other side of the globe, from my home office anywhere in the world, working as little or as much as I want to.

Secretaries of War


All this because I’ve always wanted to be just like my momma!