Where has all the customer service gone?

I typically hate to see people vent on Facebook, whether it’s a daily rundown on how miserable their life is, their horrible jobs, the jerk ex (when their relationship status changes more often than their underwear!), our horrible government, etc. etc. Come on…can life really be THAT bad? I find that most people with constant drama in their life actually bring the majority on themselves. But I digress …

Even though I try to be pretty positive most of the time, I find I just have to spend the next 5 minutes venting! LOL

I don’t know how many times in the last couple of weeks that friends have lamented about the poor customer service they have received lately. I ask, where HAS all the customer service and common decency gone?

Now I must say, I rarely eat at fast food restaurants any more. But once in a while, there just isn’t time to do anything else. Today was one of those days. I had a very short window to grab some lunch and eat it at my desk before heading into the next meeting. The plan was that I would run through the McDonald’s drive thru and bring my lunch back … shouldn’t be gone more than 2o minutes! Right … in my dreams!

And I don’t mind saying … this is the McDonald’s on Delaware Avenue in Marion, Ohio. And I don’t mind saying … I don’t plan on returning there anytime soon. If I want a sweet tea, there’s 2 other McDonald’s in town I can choose from :0)

First of all, the double-lane drive-thru was backed up to the street. So do I wait in drive-thru hell or do I park and go inside? It seemed as though going inside was the thing to do. I should have just turned around as soon as I saw about 6 or 7 people waiting for the food they already ordered. I placed my order … nothing big … just a McWrap and a tea. How screwed up could that get?

After waiting a good 10 minutes I hear my order being called out. As I walk up to the counter, a guy (who I KNOW gave his order after me) says, “That’s mine” and grabs it and out the door he goes. I looked at the girl behind the counter and said, “I think that guy just took my food.” I got a blank look in return. By now there are several people who ordered after me also waiting on their food.

Let me interject here … wouldn’t you think that when a customer says, “I think that guy just took my order” a light bulb would go off in someone’s head (there were at least 6 people working behind the counter) and think to check the orders at this point? I guess that would be common sense … and obviously there was a lack of that today.

Now several of the people who ordered after me are now starting to get their food. I once again say, “I think someone took my order.” Still the blank looks. After about the 4th person getting their food, when being handed his food, a nice gentleman  said, “This lady here has been waiting a lot longer than I have for her food!” So for a 3rd time I said, “I think some guy took my order.” And still more blank looks …

At this point I’ve been there at least 15 minutes. I asked the girl closest to me if I could get an 800 number or website where I could make a complaint. (Insert note here … NO manager was in site!) The girl actually looked at me and said, “I don’t know … you can look that up.” That warranted a raised eyebrow from me and I replied, “No … YOU need to give me the number!”

About this time, someone behind the counter said, “Whose chicken bacon wrap is this?” It was determined that it didn’t belong to anyone waiting on their food. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the guy who took MY chicken ranch wrap actually ordered a chicken bacon wrap. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he was tired of waiting on HIS food so claimed the first wrap that was announced … mine!

Finally the girl who originally took my order asked me what I ordered. Oh my God! I told her what I ordered and for the 4th time stated that I was pretty sure someone else took my order.  She looks at the order slips, walks to the back, comes back to the counter, and punches something into the computer.

Somewhere during all this, she finds the 800 number, writes it down on a piece of blank receipt paper, and hands it to me. She said NOTHING … just hands it to me. I did say to no one in particular (since no one was really paying any attention to me), “I will NEVER be back to this particular McDonald’s again.” That is when this girl looks at me and says, “I had to put the order in again since someone else got your wrap.” My reply: “Seriously??? That was YOUR determination? After that is exactly what I said at least 4 times???”

So I FINALLY get my food. I could have gone to a sit-down restaurant and been waited on and gotten my food quicker than at this McDonald’s! I take my bag and say, “Thank you for the awesome customer service experience. Have a great day!” Her reply? “Thank YOU…and YOU have a great day!” I thought the gentleman behind me was going to pee his pants from letting out such a laugh! :0)

How could this situation gone better? 1) As soon as I said the FIRST time, “I think that guy just took my order,” someone … anyone … should have checked the orders. That right there would have put the remaking of my wrap a priority, not after I said it the 4th time. 2) A manager should have either stepped forward or been found. 3) I should have been offered a comp on my FAST FOOD meal. And most importantly, I should have at least gotten an apology!

I work in a hospital where the customer (patient) experience is top priority. Did I have a good experience at this McDonald’s? Absolutely not. Am I going to call the 800 number? You bet I am! Will I tell lots of people about this experience? As Sarah Palin would say, YOU BETCHA! Will I return to this McDonald’s? ABSOLUTELY NOT!