Since yesterday’s post was sort of dark, I decidedly that tonight I would write about something more lighthearted … My favorite childhood memory. I actually have a few.

The first would be my annual trips to Maine with Uncle Les (my Pop). He was my first protector and savior before Bruce … but that’s an entirely other blog post that I might have the courage to actually put into print one day.

My aunt didn’t like to go to Maine … probably because her mother-in-law was there! LOL I have to admit that I didn’t like Pop’s mother either … but I LOVED our 9-hour drives to get to Portland! And that was worth all the sarcastic remarks from her about how I shouldn’t call him my daddy because he wasn’t my daddy! One the ride, somewhere in either Vermont or New Hampshire, we would have to cross a covered bridge. If I was sleeping, he would always wake me up before we got to it so I could experience it.

NH covered bridge

I remember one time asking him why the bridges were covered. I knew he wouldn’t lie to me … he was my Pop! And he knew EVERYTHING! He was the smartest man I knew 🙂 He told me the reason for the bridges being covered was that back in the “olden days” when people rode in buggies with horses, the horses would stop inside the covered bridge so they could kiss without anyone seeing them. And, of course, I believed him!


The other thing I remember most about our trips to Maine was often visiting the Portland Head Lighthouse. If I see a picture of that lighthouse today, it takes me right back to standing on the rocks holding Pop’s hand. Just like bluebirds represent my Momma (again, another post for some day), that lighthouse represents my Pop. He is a beacon for me, just like it is a beacon to protect the ships at sea.

My Pop worked road construction during the summers and was often on the road during the week and would only be home on the weekend. One summer when the New York was building what is now Interstate 87, we spent 2 weeks in a cabin at Lincoln Pond Campsite which was close to where he was working, but the best memory of all was that 2 of my sisters, Paula and Denise, came with us. That was probably the 2 best weeks EVER for spending time with Paula. We spent hours upon hours together playing near the water, walking around the campground. I wish I had a picture of that time, but I can remember details as if it were just yesterday. And in looking for pictures of Lincoln Pond, I found them on Facebook! Of course … everyone is on Facebook now 🙂

Lincoln Pond 2

Lincoln Pond 1

Lincoln Pond 3

And my last childhood memory that I’m going to share with you is once again with my Pop. We lived about an hour from Lake PlacidWhiteface Mtn Chairlift and Whiteface Mountain, and often went there for a scenic weekend drive. They have these 2-seater open chair lifts to the top of the mountain for skiers, and in the summer you can still take the ride up the mountain. When he asked me if I wanted to take a ride up, I remember being horribly afraid … but I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me, so I agreed. I remember being so high up from the ground and clutching his arm with both my hands. I don’t think I said a word on that ride … I’m not sure I even breathed … but just like always, he didn’t let anything happen to me, I didn’t fall out, and we made it safely to the top. Phew! And then we had to do it all over again for the ride back down. I guess maybe he realized how afraid I was, because we never did that again. But … I would do anything for him even back then, and if he’d asked me if I wanted a ride up the next time we were there, I would have said yes in a heartbeat!

As you can see, most of my good childhood memories involve my Pop (Uncle Les). He took me in when I was 5 years old after Momma died … as his own … and treated and loved me as if I WAS his own. I come across many things in my life that bring him to my mind … lighthouses, chipmunks, covered bridges … I know he’s up there with my Momma watching over me. And what better feeling could there be than that?

Uncle Les

What are your favorite childhood memories?