My dream job is in the works already! I see light at the end of the tunnel …

I have wanted to be a secretary as long as I could remember. My momma was a secretary for the government until she married my dad after he came home from WWII. I wanted to be just like her. I can remember “playing” secretary and the desk in my bedroom was my “office.” I loved to get pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, etc. And my oh my, going school supply shopping was a most AMAZING day :0) I’m still a “geek” and love to get new office supplies. LOL

Playing office

I studied all the business classes when I was in high school and received an award (a small silver plate) engraved with my name when I graduated for being the top business student.

While I took a detour on the bad advice of someone in my life and started nursing school, I ended up changing my major in college to office administration, with a medical secretary concentration. My dream at that time was to work in a doctor’s office. As things go, I took another detour and worked in the manufacturing world at two companies and slowly worked my way up the “secretarial ranks.” An opportunity came up almost 22 years ago to work at our local hospital as an executive assistant…and here I’ve been ever since.


So why isn’t this my dream job? Well it was … for quite a long time (obviously!). But I’m at the age now that I’m looking at the down slope and I’m not enjoying the cold winter weather any longer. The hubby and I are dreaming of warm sun and blue skies, and no shoveling snow … and we’re not going to find that in Ohio. March 2016 will bring him to his 30th anniversary at Honda Manufacturing … more than long enough to start wearing down his body. He wants to be able to still golf when he retires and not just watch it on TV. We haven’t quite figured out what his plan will be “post-Honda” … after all, he will be only 59 and not able to “truly” retire! But it’s going to be something that he enjoys and enables him golf course time :0) I quite emphatically told him it didn’t involve me working to support him and his golfing membership! LOL

Now me … I’m more of a planner (which might be one reason I so enjoy being an executive assistant!). I need a plan. November 2016 will bring me to 25 years here at the hospital. I’ve told them they can start planning the retirement party now :0) We will be 60 by then … still too young to “truly” retire … sigh! I don’t want to work in a restaurant (been there, done that!) or a retail store. I truly do love what I do! So the plan for my dream job is to keep doing that … just from my home as a virtual assistant. I can live anywhere … where it doesn’t snow! … and work as little or as much as like … for clients who could be down the street or across the globe. I will be taking an on-line course beginning in the spring of 2014 on how to set up and run my business that will take about a year to complete. After that I will take on 1 or 2 small clients as I continue to finish up on my current job to get my feet wet.

There would be nothing better than doing what I love to do, with the window open, a breeze flowing in, birds chirping in the tree, with a nice cup of chai sitting on my desk! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

I think this picture by Matisse shows it perfectly.


 So what is YOUR dream job? Don’t put yourself in a box! Let your imagination run wild!