1. Sit on the porch or deck in the evening and read my Kindle
  2. Make an impromptu batch of cookies
  3. Create a new PowerPoint presentation late at night (I know…what a geek! But I LOVE PowerPoint!)
  4. Read a text message from Bruce that makes me literally laugh out loud
  5. Get”poked” on Facebook by a friend knowing that it means they were thinking of you (If you’re not on Facebook…get your mind out of the gutter!)
  6. Read a Facebook post from one of your favorite authors suggesting another author…and you find another favorite author!
  7. Take a ride in the country and find a perfect picture
  8. Have dinner with 4 awesome women and become passionate and excited about the upcoming year
  9. Smile knowing that you’re going to spend an evening of fun with even more awesome women in a few days playing cards, laughing, and eating … even if you know the chances are good you’ll lose money … not necessarily in that order!
  10. Create a necklace that becomes the most favored piece of jewelry you own