This morning I received a compliment … a glowing compliment! Strange? Not really! So why do I make note of it? Because it was from someone I NEVER thought would give me a compliment. In fact, I thought this person didn’t even care for me at all! I’ve always felt judged by this person. If I was going to make a mistake, this person would be involved … I would think, “Crap! Why does it always have to happen when this person is involved?”

At least that was the IMPRESSION I got from her! Maybe I was wrong? Or maybe I was right … and she just had a rare moment of appreciation this morning!

IMPRESSIONS are funny things … and often wrong!

At a meeting I attended this weekend, a discussion ensued about impressions. Actually, it began as a person stating that she was made to feel inferior to someone at another meeting this summer. She felt that the person was condescending to her. I commented that perhaps she just got the wrong IMPRESSION and that just because it sounded to her that the person was being condescending didn’t mean she was. I know a lot of people who come across as something they’re not. This woman was feeling that she was being judged … when in fact she was actually judging the other person. After my comment, she became very defensive and got the IMPRESSION that I was being judgmental of HER … when in fact, I was only noting that we can’t always judge a book by its cover. She got the IMPRESSION that I was being snarky (my word … not hers :0) )

I have been told by a family member that I always feel as though I’m right … actually, EVERYONE thinks they are right … it’s called an OPINION. I realize and admit that I am not always right … NO ONE is ALWAYS right! That would mean there are perfect people out there … and there’s only one perfect person … and He certainly isn’t on this side of the heavens! Just because someone disagrees with another, doesn’t mean they think they are always right! Again … it’s just an IMPRESSION!

Last week someone told my boss that I sounded nicer on the phone than she thought I would. Why, you ask? Because a previous co-worker doesn’t care for me … and obviously shared that view with people I don’t even know! So now it’s MY job to convince others that I’m not that person? I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to prove to others I’m not the person that was depicted … they will just have to wait until they interact with me and find out for themselves. I can’t help that others might have the wrong IMPRESSION of me. They apparently haven’t been around me much … or are taking one experience and labeling me … or are listening to what other people say instead of making their own observations and IMPRESSION. (Humorous side note … observe that I am referring to a PREVIOUS co-worker! )

The moral of this post is … don’t let your first IMPRESSION of someone be your last … don’t judge a book by its cover … and if someone has a false IMPRESSION of you, don’t take it to heart because the people in your life who are important to you, who you are important to, and who matter to you … know the REAL you! Those are the only people who really matter! Don’t let the toxic and negative people in your WORLD influence your LIFE! ❤